To feel
the own feet

Ahrntal - the paradise for hikers

Kasern in the Ahrntal is known as a paradise for hikers: After the arrival you can give up the car - a lot of hiking-paths start directly from our house.

What would you say about an excursion to the Lenkjöchel- and Birnlückenhütte? The Prettauer Höhenweg, the Waldner-, Röt-, Steger- and Bruggeralm are waiting for you!

Few ideas for your hiking holiday:

Sunrise in South Tyrol - Kasern - Ahrntal Valley

Sunrise in the nord of South Tyrol.

South Tyrol has more than 300 sunny days and therefore almost every week ist made for sunhiking... 

Wandern im Naturpark Rieserferner Ahrn - Südtirol

We people from South Tyrol love nature. For this reason we have nine Natural Parks...

Jacob's Path in South Tyrol - Ahrntal - Kasern

Jacob's path through the Ahrntal Valley

Starting from Bruneck, a Jacob's path will bring you up to the Krimmler Tauern Pass and to Austria... 

Hiking without car in South Tyrol

Hiking without car

Arriving and moving in freedom - if you appreciate this, then the Ahrnatl Valley is the right place for you... 

Environmental-friendly hiking in South Tyrol

Advices for environmental friendly hiking

Respect and tollerance for the nature are on the top of the list for an environmental-friendly hiking...